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Introduction to area choice, espacially for them who like teasing salmon. To satisfy all fanatics anglers and others less experts, we create a WEB site with all informations about salmon fishing in Quebec.
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A mosaic of four memorable salmon rivers just two steps away from urban centers! 

Yours to discover in four truly engaging regions!  
The salmon rivers of Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region welcome all salmon anglers and fly fishers, from novices to experts, as well as anyone wishing to experience for themselves the thrill of fishing for the “King of Game Fish,” the majestic Atlantic salmon. In this site, you will discover four salmon streams that differ markedly in character but will all provide hours of rapture to the salmon enthusiast. What else do these rivers share that continues to attract dedicated anglers to their alluring waters? The answer lies in their rich history, their accessibility, their journeys through picturesque surroundings and, of course, the Atlantic salmon that swim in their waters. Together, these four rivers represent a rich mosaic that is guaranteed to provide you with unforgettable salmon-fishing experiences.
The rivers that crisscross the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region share a common history of restoration, which is the result of the tireless efforts on the part of hundreds of volunteers. Today, like its ancestors, Salmo salar can reach the coveted spawning beds of these pretty streams in surroundings that will take your breath away. These rivers are characterized by their tannin-stained but nevertheless clear waters, tumbling down through the deep defiles of glacier valleys, or meandering more peacefully through plains or luxurious boreal forest.
We now present you with some of the most accessible salmon fishing destinations in the province of Quebec. Each of these rivers has a story to tell, which forms an integral part of salmon-fishing lore in North America. Each has a special character as well, which will appeal to all dedicated anglers, whether they are new to the sport of Atlantic salmon fishing or seasoned veterans of many salmon campaigns. Within the pages of this guide, you will find a short description of all the features that are unique to each river. The rules that govern access to their waters may vary from river to river or even from sector to sector on the same river. However, the practice of angling for Atlantic salmon remains consistent across rivers.  
In Quebec, the salmon angler may normally choose to retain or release a large salmon. However, in order to preserve the salmon resource, it will come as no surprise that some rivers under restoration may require the live-release of all large salmon during part or all of the fishing season. Live-release angling helps ensure that salmon will always return to our rivers and is an ethical choice that is increasingly becoming common practice.
   Welcome to the alluring rivers of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region. We guarantee you will have a memorable salmon-fishing experience here!    
First-rate salmon fishing just a minute away from major urban areas, where the word hospitality really means something!
Atlantic salmon love to migrate upstream in pure and swift freshwater streams. The presence of these magnificent creaturesin rivers near large urban centers is thus a reliable indicator of clean water and a healthy environment. The Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region offer salmon flyfishers just that: a unique opportunity to practice their chosen sport at a distance of less than an hour from large city centres. In these regions, dedicated anglers can almost hear the siren song of silver torpedoes running up majestic streams, while enjoying the comforts and attractions larger cities have to offer. The visiting angler may be given a choice between sumptuous hotels in the larger cities or a myriad of popular inns or bed & breakfasts found throughout the smaller communities. While lodging and meals can vary substantially in form in these regions, all offer warm hospitality and excellent service by attentive personnel.
No matter which river you fish in these regions, it is certain to lead to a delightful and picturesque town or village, inhabited by a warm and hospitable people, ready to lend an ear to your fisher’s tale. For those who prefer the facilities of a larger city, many of the rivers flow less than an hour away from the major urban centers in these regions. Anglers wishing to make their own arrangements will find answers to their questions concerning food and lodging in the offices of the local ZECs (controlled harvesting zones), which are part of a unique structure of individual river management in Quebec. Here, they may also purchase a daily pass and inquire about guide services.
The rivers of the Saguenay-Lac-St-Jean region offer a place to unwind and practice your chosen sport just a stone’s throw from the facilities of large urban centres. Give them a try – we guarantee you won’t regret it!

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