Salmon Quebec


Salmon Quebec is a subsidiary brand of the Fédération québécoise pour le saumon atlantique (FQSA). Its mission is to promote conservation, protection and enhancement of Atlantic salmon in Quebec.

In an effort to renew our image and pursue our mission to promote salmon fishing, we called upon a creative agency and launched a new project in order to share our passion with you!

We have always actively promoted salmon fishing through education, and we continue to do so while focusing on research and guidance. Our goal is to help both experienced and beginner anglers learn more about the sport. In the coming months, we will be reorienting our communications efforts by adopting a more accessible and distinctive identity that will allow us to reach and interest a wider audience. We are proud of our rivers here in Quebec and we want to share our passion for them with young and old, men and women alike!

Fishing. Wilderness. Passion.

Over the next year, our communications efforts will revolve around this evocative theme. Beyond the sport itself, we would like to emphasize on the natural world and the passion that comes from all things related to salmon fishing. Our goal is to promote the overall experience and the unique moments that come with it, not just the technical side of the sport.

Salmon Quebec’s new website is now up and running and will continue to grow with us. The FQSA’s original website remains accessible for people who wish to become a member.