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Auction FAQ

How to place a bet ?

1 - Login to your Salmon Quebec account: Login

2 - Take a virtual tour of the available prizes, you will find to following information:

  • Remaining time of the auction
  • Production description
  • The value of the prize
  • Last bet
  • The minimum bet

3 - Enter the amount of your bid and click on "Place your bet".

4 - A pop up window will open asking you to confirm your stake.


5 - A message confirming that your transaction has been saved.



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I forgot my password, how do I recuperate it?

To recuperate your password, please click on "Forgot password".Follow these steps:

1 - Write down your email address (the address used when your account was created)



2 - You should receive an email with a link to click on.



3- Click on the link and enter your new password.



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Do I need a Salmon Quebec account to participate in the auction?

Yes, you do need a Salmon Account. To create an account


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Why the button "PLACE A BET" does not appear while I am connected to my Salmon Quebec account ?

1- You must be connected to your Salmon Quebec account.

2- Your credit information must be registered into your Salmon Quebec account.



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