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The auction regulations

The auction regulations

Are eligible :

  1. Participants must be at least 18 years old
  2. The Fédération des gestionnaires de rivières à saumon du Québec reserves the right to prevent the participation of individuals who have not complied with the regulations of previous Salmon Quebec’s auctions and have received a written notice to that effect in the past.
  3. The managers of the Fédération des gestionnaires de rivières à saumon du Québec and managers of coorporation operating rivers may participate, on their own behalf, to the auction and acquire prizes.


Are not eligible:

  1. The staff of the Fédération des gestionnaires de rivières à saumon du Québec.



Note : Before you can place a bid, your credit information must be included and up-to-date in your Salmon Quebec account. 

  1. Participants must have a Salmon Quebec online account, visit www.salmonquebec.com (Click here to create your account).
  2. To participate and place a bet:


    • Log in to your Salmon Quebec account or create one.;
    • To update your personnel information into your account, you must first connect to your account. You make the necessary changes and click “save”. You may then return on the auction page. We suggest that you pay attention to the information and review the information pertaining to the prize you wish to bid on. Once you agree, click on "Place your bet”.
    • Your credit information must be registered into your Salmon Quebec account.
    • Enter in the « Salmon Quebec Auction » ;
    • Select and view the information pertaining to the article or the package you are interested in (description, market value, the actual price of the prize, the last bid amount, status of the auction, the time remaining, historical account).
    • Write the bid amount increased by respecting the minimum bet required and click "Place your bet". Any bet less than the minimum price required will be denied.
    • A bet is received when the participant clicks on "Confirm your bet." If the bet is received after the auction’s deadline, the system will refuse your bet and you will get a message stating that your bet could not be registered because the auction is closed.


  3. A submitted and accepted bet by the system cannot be withdrawn. The participant who bids on a prize commits to the payment of the amount submitted.
  4. A participant may bid on more than one item and more than once.
  5. The time remaining in the auction is indicated in each component of the process and in the presentation of prizes. To follow the progress of the auction, you suggest to regularly refresh your screen, either by selecting the relevant option of your browser, or by pressing the F5 key on your keyboard.
  6. The closing of the auction is set at 16:00 Eastern Standard Time on the last day of the auction. If within the last three minutes of the closing of the auction a bet is placed, the count will be reset to 3 minutes to allow time for the other participants to place a subsequent time. The auction of this product ends when no participant more space and put the countdown reaches 0.
  7. Once the auction is closed, the winner will be contacted by email.
  8. The participant who made the last bet wins the prize, subject to a full and immediate payment of the prize. The winner will be informed and the amount will be charged on the credit card registered into his Salmon Quebec account, within 72 hours from the closing of the auction or at the specified period.
  9. The prize won will be routed to the winner by mail or by any other appropriate means.

 Other rules:


  1. Prizes bought are not subject to taxes.
  2. If a participant does not honor the payment of the prize won or if the payment is declined, the participant loses the winner status. The previous participant who submitted the highest bid will be considered the winner.
  3. Packages and items sold at the auction are not exchangeable or refundable.
  4. In the case of donated items or packages, donors are responsible to provide the services offered or products auctioned. Salmon Quebec and FGRSQ are released from liability.
  5. The participant accepts and undertakes to respect the regulations.
  6. Salmon Quebec and FGRSQ reserve the right to cancel a bid during and after the auction, in the event of non-compliance with regulations or major problems related to events beyond control that could jeopardize the progress of the sale during the auction.
  7. Do not share in any case, your password, your user name to prevent others to bet on your behalf. Each participant is responsible for the use of the access information to the site and the information transmitted. Moreover, it is the user’s responsibility to empty the cache of the browser after each transaction.
  8. The transactions from the site is secured by SSL. Secure Sockets Layers is a process that manages the security of transactions made on the Internet. The small closed padlock that appears on the navigation page on the left side of the URL address beginning with "https" indicate that the page is protected.

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