The FQSA speaks out for salmon across Quebec and through this fishing committee, we hope to stay informed on your interests and concerns.

Sylvie Tremblay | Vice-President Fisheries Development |   

Members :
Andrew Bouffard
Laurence Galarneau-Girard
Sullivan d’Anjou
Alice Pascual


The FQSA is conscious about establishing their stances and actions based on solid scientific information. It’s why we are proud to include many highly qualified salmon experts among our volunteers.

Myriam Bergeron | Executive Director |
Serge Yvon Allard | Centre-du-Québec Regional President

Members :
Yvon Côté
Normand Bergeron
François Caron
Frédéric Lévesque
Carole-Anne Gillis
Gilles Shooner