Our team

Myriam Bergeron | Executive Director | Biologist M. Sc.
To reach her: mbergeron@fqsa.ca

5 fun facts about Myriam

  • I’m a coffee addict
  • I have a cat named Mario Pel—chat (cat, get it?)
  • I used to be a flotation jacket mascot at a former job
  • I’ve never watched Game of Thrones
  • I enjoy watching La semaine verte

Éric Poirier | Assistant Director | Marketing, Communications and Events
To reach him: epoirier@fqsa.ca

5 fun facts about Eric

  • My favorite color is yellow, of course!
  • It’s your birthday, enjoy!
  • I’ve had 5 flank steaks in 5 different restaurants over 5 consecutive nights
  • I believe that curling is a real sport!
  • I can’t stand to be massaged by someone with hairy fingers!

Étienne St-Michel | Director of the Société saumon de la rivière Romaine | Biologist M.Sc.
To reach him: estmichel@fqsa.ca

5 fun facts about Étienne

  • I’m a big basketball fan
  • I like bonsai trees a lot
  • I have been named a confirmed member of the Quebec Ultimate Frisbee league
  • I’ve never left my native Limoilou
  • I’ve been a member of several bands

Yves Richard | Coordonnateur de la Société saumon de la rivière Romaine
To reach him: yrichard@fqsa.ca

Teddy Florin | Salmon Fishery Development Plan 2017–2022 Coordinator
To reach him: tflorin@fqsa.ca

5 fun facts about Teddy

  • I don’t have a French accent or a Quebec accent, I have my own unique accent
  • I’m often dressed in bright-colored pants
  • I love beer and whiskey, and I love singing … but I’m a better drinker than I am a singer
  • I’m not actually balding, my hair has just decided to grow on my face
  • I pretend to care when my colleagues talk to me about their cats

Chantale Potvin | Executive Assistant
To reach her: cpotvin@fqsa.ca

5 fun facts about Chantale 

  • I hate the number 3 (I won’t go to bed if it’s 10:03… I’m going to wait until 10:04).
  • My cat’s name is Leo, because he looks like a leopard (very original, I know)
  • I am EXTREMELY afraid of all beetles and spiders.
  • Soft and sad music puts me in a good mood
  • I’m addicted to lip balm

Alexandra Déry | Project Manager | Biologist M. ATDR
To reach her: adery@fqsa.ca

5 fun facts about Alexandra

 I’m addicted to popcorn, I eat it almost every day

  • I am the ergonomics expert at the office
  • I have so many plants in my home that I don’t know where to put them
  • I annoy my colleagues when I talk about my cat, his name is Hobbes from the famous comic book
  • If you’re looking for something, just ask me and I’ll tell you where it is

Camille Cyr | Project Manager in Geomatics
To reach her: ccyr@fqsa.ca

5 fun facts about Camille

  •  I really like it when it rains
  • I have a phobia of cotton wool (as in touching cotton wool)
  • I’d eat tacos every day if I could
  • My greatest dream is to swim with killer whales
  • My cat is named Nelson after Willie Nelson

Patricia Lacasse | Events Coordinator
To reach her: placasse@fqsa.ca

5 fun facts about Patricia

  • I make To do lists of other To do lists
  • My skin has two color tones: white or red
  • I bore my colleagues with my pet stories
  • Cheese pizza is my favorite Friday night meal
  • I always eat my cereal without milk

Nathacha Gilbert | Communications Coordinator
To reach her: ngilbert@fqsa.ca

5 fun facts about Nathacha

  • My name has an H in it because my godmother’s name is Nathalie … only my father never thought of the confusion this would bring
  • My cat’s name is Mittens, but we don’t pay much attention to him ever since we’ve had kids
  • I always get ID’d at the convenience store when I buy beer … even when I’m with the kids
  • I love IPA to the point where I could drink it every day, several times a day … unfortunately, I think that some see it as alcoholism!