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Accessible to all

Salmon fishing, an activity accessible to all.

Salmon fishing is an activity for all wallets and ages. Alone, with friends and family, discover of the most beautiful countrysides of Quebec. There are sixty salmon rivers in Quebec. Whether you are at Sept-Îles, Montreal, Rivière-du-Loup or Carleton, there is always a salmon river flowing nearby. Challenge yourself by experimenting the adventure.

When can I fish ?

Generally every year the season of sport fishing for Atlantic salmon runs from 15 May to 30 September* Québec.

The fishing season for sea trout can extend up to October *.

Fishing periods by rivers

* The fishing periods vary depending on the river.










How to fish salmon

In most rivers of Quebec, during the season, fly fishing is the only method allowed to fish salmon. One single fly with one hock with a maximum of two points is permitted on the line.

When the salmon fishing season is over, you may fish sea trout, then you can use on your line up to two flies with a maximum of three points.

Find out more about flies


To fish what do I need ?

  • minimum fishing equipment

The basic material

  • provincial  license fishing for salmon

The different types of license

  • Daily access right to the river

The rivers' availabilities

Why an access right to a river ?

An access right allows you to fish in a specific sector, there are two types of sectors on salmon rivers

  • There are sectors that we call  "open sectors" where the number of anglers is not restricted.
  • Limited sectors are areas, parts of the river where there is a maximum of people that can fish, the number of anglers is restricted. You can have access to those limited sectors by participating to draws.

More information about the draws

Can I keep my catches ?

For fish caught,collected and returned to the water, there are limitations to be considered:

  • The sizes (as an example, it is forbidden to keep salmon that are over 30 cm)
  • A number per angler
  • A number per river

In addition, at certain times and / or on some rivers, the catch and release of salmon may be mandatory.

See regulation

The Cost

Here is an approximate budget to fish salmon, however keep in mind that all access rights of a river are established by the corporation opering the river, so prices vary.

Mandatory Starting price :
Provincial salmon fishing licence $ 20
Accès right to a river $ 20
Your meals may vary
Travel expenses may vary