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Dare to learn

Feel the emotion, fish salmon

 You want to connect with nature and experiment strong emotions? To be in the most beautiful Quebec's finest and wildest landscapes? Experiment salmon fishing for thrills, for the emotions and sensations that you'll feel, fishing trips for the memories and the stories.

Tease the king of rivers and battle with the most combative fish, the Atlantic salmon. Accessible to all, salmon fishing is an activity for all wallets! There are more than 60 salmon rivers that flow across Quebec. No matter where you are in our beautiful province, you are close to a salmon river! Family, friends or alone, go explore the rivers near you! Here is what is waiting for you!

Fishing for thrills and adrenaline

When I feel the salmon hooked at my line, it is an undescribable feeling. From outside, I appear to be calm and in control, but inside, I feel a tug at my heartstrings. It is a strong sensation!

Stéphanie Corbeil, angler 

Fishing for the memories

From time to time, I take the opportunity to go fishing with my kids and we take time to eat by the edge of the river. The kids love it, it has become a family activity.

François Rolland, a passionnate angler

Fishing to challenge yourself

Anyone who wants a challenge and have the thrill of a lifetime should not hesitate to experiment salmon fishing.

Guillaume Savard, a newcomer

Fishing for the stories...

I initiated relatives and friends to salmon fishing: my children, my brother, my cousin, my colleague and my father. In fact, I caught my first salmon while fishing with my father! Living that moment with him, at the very end of our last day of our fishing expedition, on the Matapedia River, was just magical.

François Rolland, a passionate angler

Experiment it!

Before leaving, make sure that you have the basic equipment required and know the minimum information on salmon fishing 101. If you wish, you may participate to activities where you can get initiated and learn basic technics, tips and tricks.