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Dare to learn

Get your tackle out

To fish salmon, you need basic equipment such as  :

  • A fly rod
  • A Fly reel with fly fine and backing
  • A Leader and Tippet
  • Flies

The fly fishing is a technique where the main goal is to deceive the fish by using artificial objects (hooks covered with different materials). These serve to imitate insects or other food of the species fished.

Fishing accessories

To get the most out of fishing, anglers need a few small accessories that make the experience more enjoyable :

  • a pair of scissors or a nail clipper to cut the fishing line
  • a fly box for storing and carrying flies

Safety equipment

As precuation, it is strongly advise to have:

  • A first aid kit in case of minor injuries
  • A life jacket if you are practicing boat fishing
  • A walking stick should you need to cross a river

Sun protection

It is recommended to adequately protect yourself from the sun's rays:

  • Sunglasses to protect eyes
  • A cap or other hat to protect your head
  • Sunscreen for skin not covered by clothing

Protection against water

  • Pants called "waders"
  • Boots waterproff

Under the "waders" it will be necessary to bring dry clothes suitable for the conditions of the river.

Bug repellent

Because sometimes, insects can be so annoying! Bring with you:

    • Cloth to protect your face
    • A long-sleeved pale shirt
    • Bug reppellent solution

"Better be safe than sorry!"

The Equipment cost

The equipment budget for salmon fishing :

Equipment Starting at :
Fly rod and fly reel kit $ 150
Fly line and backing $ 15
A dozen flies $ 40
Pants called "waders" $ 150
Boots waterprof $ 80


Renting the equipment :

An interesting alternative to consider is to rent the equipment. Most corporations operating the salmon rivers offer be possibilities to rent the basic equipment required.