A trademark of the Fédération des gestionnaires de rivières à saumon du Québec
Ethics code

Great care must be taken when releasing a hooked salmon.

In such a case, the released salmon must be included in the daily limit.


To release a salmon

  • move to calmer water
  • do not bring the salmon to the riverbank, leave it in the water
  • handle it gently without gripping, touching neither its eyes nor gills
  • gently withdraw the fly with pliers or with the thumb and index finger, or cut the leader as close as possible to the fly
  • hold the salmon horizontally, beneath the water, facing the current
  • give the salmon time to regain its strength and to move away
  • to ensure its recuperation, handle the salmon as little as possible
  • if at all possible use neither a tailer or a net
  • it is preferable to use barbless hooks if you intend to release a salmon