PALM Festival

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2024 Edition

The year 2024 will mark the seventh edition of the festival, which since 2017, tours around the province showcasing an official selection of films in theatres. Since 2022, the festival proposes two categories: Short Film (5 to 20 minutes, film format) and Reel (less than one minute, cell phone format).

The contestants chosen in the official Short Film selection share $15,000 in prizes and those in the official Reel selection share $1,500 in prizes. The purpose of the festival is to showcase fly fishing for all species in Quebec and to promote our land, region, and the people who work in fishing and videography.


Today, given the festival’s reputation, being part of the official selection serves as a genuine springboard for videographers hoping for new opportunities. Many past contestants talk about professional opportunities that have come about because of their participation in the festival.

The popularity of PALM is now spreading beyond the world of fishing. In fact, the last edition of the festival has sparked the interest of the media: Saumon Quebec has given a dozen interviews in relation to the festival and the winner of the short film category, Jérôme Charest along with a member of our team, went on the Salut Bonjour Week-end show, which has more than 700,000 viewers.



  • Adventure film involving fly fishing (all species)
  • Video telling a story with a narrative
  • Narrated video lasting between 5 and 15 minutes
  • Video in MP4 format

Making sure to practise good catch and release techniques


REEL CATEGORY (deposit in January)

  • Fly fishing video of any species 
  • Video with a maximum duration of 1 minute 
  • Video in 9:16 format (cell phone)

Making sure to practise good catch and release techniques


Whether you’re an expert videographer or shooting your first video, there’s a category for you! Whether you’re entering to win the grand prize in the Short Film category or just want to try your hand in the Reel category, every chance you get to capture your time on the water this summer could be worthwhile. Use this opportunity to keep lasting memories of your season and to have the chance to see your video shown all over Quebec. Remember: it’s never too late to get started!

You have until October 31, 2023, to submit your video. For the short film category, submit your video using wetransfer to For the Reel category, more information will be shared on our networks soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything.