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Salmon fishing on the aux Saumons River

The Aux Saumons river begins its journey at an elevation of 300 meters (984 ft) near the dividing line between two separate drainage basins, and empties into the Gulf of St. Lawrence at Broom Bay on the North side of the Island. A unique feature of this river (but a common trait among rivers on Anticosti Island) is that its headwaters flow underground for a distance before reappearing a few hundred meters (300 ft) below. The Aux Saumons also features extremely clear water like other Anticosti rivers, but the water has a dark hue unlike most salmon streams on the Island. This is of no consequence for the angler, however, as the river affords exceptional sight-fishing opportunities.

Water levels fluctuate considerably on this small river, from exceptionally low during dry spells to very high and discoloured after strong rains. During dry periods, salmon congregate in large pools, waiting for rain to raise water levels. Fishing can be particularly challenging during these bouts. However, when water levels return, the patient or fortunate angler can be blessed with unsurpassed fishing success. An outfitter provides the exclusive fishing rights on the Aux Saumons river, which allows wade-fishing only for fish averaging 2 kilos (4.4 pounds).


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