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Salmon fishing on the de la Chaloupe River

The De la Chaloupe river is a tiny salmon stream when compared with mainland rivers. However, the river provides a unique challenge to anglers: due to the incredible clarity of the water, it takes finesse and a stealthy approach to fool the wily creatures that swim in these flows. The river runs in a south east direction toward the Gulf of St. Lawrence and features a riverbed of limestone where trapped fossils abound. 

At first glance, anglers fishing the De la Chaloupe would seem to share a partiality for fishing on or near the ocean. However, their habit was born out of necessity, during the frequent periods of extremely low water. During these times, much of the fishing takes place at the river mouth, where one can observe hundreds of salmon in the estuary waiting for a rise of flow to undertake their migration up river. At high tide, however, the restless fish move up into the tidal pool, where impatient fly fishers await them in fresh and saltwater, in hope of hooking the energetic but wily creatures with streamers or (red tail) green machines. Quite a spectacle! Anglers wishing to try their hand at the De la Chaloupe, can call on the outfitter who provides the exclusive fishing rights on the river.


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