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Salmon fishing on the Jupiter River

The Jupiter constitutes probably the most unique place of pilgrimage for an angler. The river flows almost hidden in the deep defiles of a canyon that could be construed as the towering walls of a medieval cathedral. Wading in these God-given pools amidst chrome coloured salmon, the devout angler experiences feelings of bliss and gratitude for the awesome beauty and purity of this grand creation. One of the first few fortunate anglers to have fished this marvel of nature was the renowned chocolate maker Henri Menier, who bought Anticosti Island in 1895. Nowadays, the river is managed by Quebec’s Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (Sépaq) through the top of the range and world-renowned Sépaq Anticosti outfitter.

With a length of 75 kilometers (47 miles), the Jupiter is the most important river on Anticosti Island. The river issues from a series of lakes and bogs at the center of the Island and then plunges down into a deep canyon featuring cliffs that rise 100 meters (328 ft) vertically along its course. Fishing takes place on more or less 30 pools, punctuated by several fishing camps named to indicate their distance from the sea: Jupiter –30, Jupiter – 24, Jupiter – 12, and Jupiter – la – mer (on-the-ocean).



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