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The Ouelle River

Flowing through mountains and rural landscapes, a river within easy reach for everyone!

The Société de Gestion de la Rivière Ouelle (SGRO) is a nonprofit organization that manages sport fishing on the Rivière Ouelle. By building and maintaining trails and other facilities, the SGRO provides anglers and other nature-lovers access to the river. Its mission is to promote, encourage and foster sport fishing for Atlantic salmon while ensuring that the species and its habitat are protected and preserved. The SGRO helps young people and new anglers learn the sport, promoting responsible behaviour that shows respect for conservation efforts and the natural environment.

A summary

76 kilomètres dont 26 km ouverts à la pêche
Sectors and pools
19 pools distributed in open access sectors and one (1) limited access sector
Type of fishing allowed
Salmon fishing season
June 15th to August 31st
Daily salmon catch limit per angler
2 small salmon less than 63 centimeters


Société de gestion de la rivière Ouelle

Contact information

224 Boulevard Bégin, Saint-Pacôme (Québec) G0L 3X0
(418) 852-1377

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Salmon fishing on the Ouelle river

Renowned for its breathtaking beauty, the Rivière Ouelle (pronounced “well”) originates in the Notre-Dame Mountains and flows through mountainous and rural landscapes to join the St. Lawrence River 76 kilometres downstream, just a few kilometres southeast of the municipality of Rivière-Ouelle. Its steep and rugged course – dropping some 400 metres from its headwaters to its mouth – includes plenty of waterfalls, often quite spectacular. This river is at the western limit of the Atlantic salmon’s territory on the south shore of the St. Lawrence.

Log drives were common on the Ouelle until the early 1950s. Then, in 1960, it was officially named a salmon river and became one of the first rivers in the region to benefit from a salmon stocking program. Salmon fishing on the river is now managed by the Société de gestion de la rivière Ouelle.

The water has a rather reddish hue that is stronger after heavy rains. Set in a verdant and rocky backdrop, the Ouelle has thirty pools distributed among one limited-access sector, one open-access sector and one sanctuary area where fishing is prohibited. Fishing is prohibited in the seven pools in the sanctuary.

Of all the rivers in the Bas-Saint-Laurent and Gaspésie regions, the Rivière Ouelle is the closest to large cities like Montreal and Quebec City. The Ouelle thus offers some of the most accessible salmon fishing in a beautiful natural setting.



  • Annual statistics are provided by the Government of Quebec.