A trademark of the Fédération des gestionnaires de rivières à saumon du Québec

Côte-Nord Duplessis

Twenty-two (22) majestic rivers  waiting for you in this vast territory where the nature is magnificent, generous and wild. Salmon who dare to adventure in these rivers are reputed to be strong fighters. 

Moisie River

Saint-Jean River

Aguanus River

Aux Rocher River

Coxipi River

De la Corneille River

du Gros Mécatina River

Étamamiou River

Kécarpoui River

Kegaska River

Mingan River

Musquanousse River

Musquaro River

Nabisipi River

Napetipi River

Natashquan River

Nipissis River

Piashti River

Saint-Paul River

Washicoutai River

Petite Watshishou River