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  • Length: 68 km
  • Type of fishing allowed: Salmon fishing


Salmon fishing in the Coxipi River

According to some sources, the word coxipi means “sorcerer” in a native language. This is probably a fair description for a river that issues from a lake (Lake Poincarré), flows as a river and then turns into an elongated lake over a distance of 11 kilometers (7 miles), before resuming its shape as a river again and proceeding toward its final destination. Add to this the fact that, in the river’s last stretch before emptying into the Gulf of St. Lawrence near the village of Saint-Augustin, it is full of rapids tumbling furiously downward in one of the most enchanting settings of the whole North Shore.

An outfitter provides non-exclusive fishing rights on the lower 13 kilometers (8 miles) of the river, starting at the river mouth. The actual number of salmon running up the Coxipi is unknown, but the river’s potential is estimated at over 1000 fish per year. When tributaries are included, the river provides access to 68 kilometers (42.5 miles) of alluring water for spawning fish.


  • The annual statistics are provided by the Government of Quebec.