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du Gros Mécatina River


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  • Length: 55 km
  • Type of fishing allowed: Salmon fishing


Salmon fishing in the du Gros Mécatina River

The Du Gros Mécatina is only large in name (gros means big), for the river is actually a small salmon stream. Paradoxically, its neighbor, the Du Petit Mécatina is a giant river with a small (petit) adjective in its name. Issuing from Lake Boucher, the Du Gros Mécatina River runs a distance of 55 kilometers (34 miles) before it empties into the Gulf of St. Lawrence just west of Baie-des-Moutons, or Mutton Bay. In the Montagnais language, the river’s name means “large mountain,” a poetic reference to the high hills that form a picturesque backdrop to the village.

Despite its relatively small size, the Du Gros Mécatina is a productive salmon stream that attracts a healthy run of Atlantic salmon weighing between 2.2 and 4.8 kilos (4.8 and 10.5 pounds). The fish are quite combative, as is common in Lower North Shore rivers featuring cool flows and fresh fish just out of the ocean. The Du Gros Mécatina is a later run river, with the best catches starting well into the early part of July and lasting into September. The fish have access to 30 kilometers (18.75 miles) of river. As is the case for a majority of North Shore rivers, an outfitter owns the exclusive fishing rights and privileges on the Du Gros Mécatina, providing access to nearly a dozen pools. Wade fishing is the rule. The Du Gros Mécatina River is a favorite of American angler and author, Jim Bashline.



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