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Musquanousse River



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  • Length: 35 kmopen for salmon fiching
  • Type of fishing allowed: Salmon fishing


Salmon fishing in the Musquanousse River

The Musquanousse River is somewhat related to its larger neighbor, the Musquaro. In his book on the North Shore of the St. Lawrence River published in 1908, Eugène Rouillard called it the Little Musquaro River, which would translate as “small river of the black bear tail.” The Musquanousse issues from an upland lake of the same name and has a series of lakes in its flow, through which it must wind its way patiently before meeting with the waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence approximately 10 kilometers (6.25 miles) east of the neighboring Musquaro river mouth. Faithful to a common trait among North Shore rivers, the Musquanousse presents a nearly impassable waterfall about 10 kilometers (6.25 miles) upstream, which migrating salmon can only clear under the right conditions at the height of summer. Once the salmon have made it up the waterfall, however, they are provided with another 18 kilometers (11.25 miles) of river and 7 more kilometers (4.5 miles) of tributary waters they can use to assure their posterity.

Salmon moving up the Musquanousse and its tributaries range between 2.2 and 3.7 kilos (4.8 and 8.0 pounds). An outfitter has exclusive rights to the fishable water, with a camp located at kilometer 10 (mile 6.25). It is a superb site, nestled in the surrounding hills and bathed regularly by sea spray from the nearby Gulf of St. Lawrence.



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