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  • Length: 112 km, of which 70 km are open to salmon fishing.
  • Sectors and pools: 50 pools in three sectors; two are limited-access sectors and one is an open-access sector.
  • Type of fishing allowed: Wading and by boat.
  • Salmon fishing season: June 1 to September 15.
  • Daily salmon catch limit per angler: Catch and release is mandatory for large salmon; anglers may keep two (2) grilse per fishing day.


Salmon fishing on the Rivière Godbout

The Godbout arises from Lac Amariton and is fed by several tributaries on its 112-kilometre course. With numerous rapids and seven impressive waterfalls interspersed along the way, the Godbout flows southeast through the Manicouagan region, through spectacular scenery of boreal forests enclosed by rocky bluffs and outcrops. The river empties into the St. Lawrence near the town of Godbout, some 54 kilometres east of Baie-Comeau.

The Montagnais called the Godbout “Oiauirabugu,” meaning “the turbulent river.” During the time of New France, it was renamed in honour of the explorer Nicolas Godbout. Trappers sold their furs, including seal furs, at a trading post on the river. Napoléon-Alexandre Comeau, the legendary fisherman, trapper and naturalist, caught 57 salmon on this river on July 9, 1874. In 1980, approximately 70 kilometres of river were designated a controlled harvesting zone (ZEC) for salmon fishing, which is now managed by the Comité de développement touristique et économique de Godbout.

The Godbout is a shallow river with clear water flowing at a moderate rate over a dark bed. In many places, you can watch the salmon jump as they navigate the river’s steeper sections. The last 8 kilometres before the mouth of the river should be avoided, as access is quite difficult and any possible portaging path would cross private land. A logging road running parallel to the river facilitates access. More than 50 pools are distributed in three sectors. Only wade fishing is possible, except in the Île Gilmour and Cap-Nord pools. Generally medium-sized salmon are caught on the river.

The Godbout is among the top seven rivers in Quebec in terms of potential salmon catch. Sea-run brook trout are also caught on the river.



  • The annual statistics are provided by the Government of Quebec.