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du Grand Pabos North River

The Trois Rivières de Pabos

Quebec’s salmon rivers rank among the most beautiful in the world. And after 8 long years of work, the volunteers of Regroupement pour la Restauration des Trois Rivières Pabos are proud to offer anglers access to 3 outstanding rivers with a legendary history, where salmon once again thrive.

Though they share a name, these are in fact 3 distinct rivers

  • The Grand Pabos North
  • The Grand Pabos West
  • The Little Pabos

A summary

total of 140 km for the 3 Pabos rivers, of which 20 km are open to fishing on the Grand Pabos Nord
Sectors and pools
91 pools in 11 fishing sectors for all 3 Pabos rivers, including 1 limited-access sector and 1 open-access sector on the Grand Pabos Nord
Type of fishing
Wade or canoe fishing for salmon and sea trout
Fishing season
June 15 to September 30
Daily catch limit per angler
2 small salmon (under 63 centimetres) and 5 sea trout


Regroupement  pour la restauration des trois rivières Pabos

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10 boulevard Pabos, Chandler (Québec) G0C 2H0
(418) 689-4912
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(418) 689-6843
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Salmon fishing on Pabos rivers

The name “Pabos” comes from the Mi’kmaq word “pabog,” which means “tranquil waters.” These 3 rivers—the Little Pabos, Grand Pabos North and Grand Pabos West—gradually descend from their headwaters high in the Gaspé table and follow a sinuous course through rugged wilderness before emptying into the Gulf of Saint Lawrence between the villages of Grande-Rivière and Pabos. Their combined length is 140 kilometres, of which 50 km are open to salmon fishing. These beautiful streams share cold, clear waters as well as a history of successful community efforts to preserve and rebuild the Atlantic salmon population.

Over the centuries, these rivers fed generations of Mi’kmaq people, fuelled commercial fishing, and drew sport anglers with runs that regularly topped 1,500 salmon. However, by the late 20th century, salmon had almost entirely disappeared from the Pabos rivers, and they were closed to salmon fishing in 1984. What followed were years of sustained effort to restore the population, supported by a salmon economic development plan, the community, and Regroupement pour la restauration des trois rivières Pabos. As a result, salmon weighing 2 to 15 kilograms have now returned to these waters.

Conservation and restoration efforts continue to this day, notably through mandatory catch-and-release of salmon over 63 centimetres. The 3 Pabos rivers boast a total of 91 pools in 11 fishing sectors, 5 of which are limited-access, and all of which can easily be reached on foot by trail. The Grand Pabos North is open to wade and canoe fishing, and the 2 other rivers are open to wade fishing only. Regroupement pour la restauration des trois rivières Pabos manages all 3 bodies of water, which together constitute the Pabok ZEC controlled harvest zone. In addition to Atlantic salmon, these rivers are also home to a run of sea trout (i.e., sea run brook trout) weighing from 1.4 to 2.7 kilograms.



  • Annual statistics are provided by the Government of Quebec.