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Malbaie River (Gaspésie)


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84, rue St-Germain Est, bureau 2080, Rimouski (Québec), G5L 1A6
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  • Lenght: 24 km
  • Sectors and pools:more than 30 pools
  • Type of fishing: none


Salmon fishing on the Malbaie River (Gaspésie)

At one time, this small river enjoyed a big reputation, both for its copious salmon run and for its outstanding fishing. Fish averaged five kilograms, and not a few were closer to ten. More than 30 pools were strung out along its 24 kilometre length.  
The river was awarded as part of a seigneurie in 1674 to a certain Nicolas Denys by the King of France. It remained in that family for at least three generations before passing through a long series of owners to one Kenneth Stallman of York, Pennsylvania in 1964. Stallman fished the river until his death, after which he was found with his fishing rod in hand, stretched out on the shore by a lovely fishing pool, his head resting on what must have been his last salmon. With him out of the picture, the property was sold in 1979 to Peter Greiner, who undertook major renovations. The Malbaie was closed to fishing in 1984 to protect the increasingly rare salmon returning to the river to spawn.   
Today this diminutive but easy-to-love river is poised for a comeback.



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