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The Nouvelle River

The Nouvelle River is a relative newcomer when it comes to Gaspé Peninsula salmon rivers. Despite a history of fishing, local efforts to restore and manage this magnificent river date back only to the early 90s. In creating the Société de Restauration et de Gestion de la Nouvelle Inc., local residents undertook an exciting project that would eventually succeed despite the obstacles. In 1997, after 7 years of hard work, the Nouvelle River was opened to sport fishing.

Restoration efforts have been underway on the Nouvelle for nearly 20 years. A strict catch-and-release   policy is in effect for large salmon in order to protect spawners and increase salmon population levels.

A summary

76 km
Sectors and pools
57 pools in 1 limited-access and 5 open-access sectors
Type of fishing
FIshing period
June 15 to September 30
Daily salmon catch limit
2 small salmon (under 63 centimetres) and 3 sea trout


Société de Restauration et de Gestion de la Nouvelle Inc.


Contact information

141, Route 132 Est (C.P. 351), Nouvelle (Québec) G0C 2E0
(418) 794-2120
Free Phone
(418) 794-2172

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Salmon Fishing on the Nouvelle River

The Nouvelle River takes its source in the Notre-Dame Mountains, which form the backbone of the Chic-Choc Mountains, and flows 76 kilometres westward to Chaleur Bay, passing through the village of Nouvelle. Together with its tributaries the Mann and the Little Nouvelle, the Nouvelle River is part of a controlled harvest zone (ZEC) that covers 86.2 kilometers of waterways, of which some 80 kilometres are open to salmon fishing. The Nouvelle is also famous for its trophy-sized sea trout.

Despite the river's long history of sport fishing, by the late 1960s, log driving had taken its toll on the salmon population. With the help of a development plan (PDES), the community rallied to restore the Nouvelle. An end to log driving, massive restocking, and the introduction of protection measures breathed new life into the river's fish population. As a result, the river was reopened to salmon fishing in 1997 under the management of Société de restauration et de gestion de la Nouvelle.

The Mi'kmaq call this river "tlapatantjitjg," which means "potatoes," in reference to its bottom, which is composed mainly of large stones. It has 6 sectors, of which 5 are open-access, with 39 pools, and one is limited-access, with 18 pools, for a total of 57 pools. Unlike on other salmon rivers, fishing here tends to get better as the season goes on, which is probably due to the fact that the waters remain cold and high in oxygen at all times. Except after a sudden downpour, the water is exceptionally clear.

Sea trout anglers, whose ranks are steadily growing, are sure to be pleased. According to some sources, the largest trout ever caught here weighed 5 kilos (11 lbs). If you enjoy calm, relaxed fishing in a beautiful setting surrounded by majestic mountains, you'll love the Nouvelle River.



  • Annual statistics are provided by the Government of Quebec.