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Salmon fishing on the Delay River

When discussing salmon fishing adventures in a pure state, the Delay River is the most important to anglers because they acknowledge that the river owes its reputation to its salmon!

The impressive Delay, with its hundreds of pools, shows the long path Atlantic salmon take to reach spawning grounds. This immense path is described as follows: The Delay is a tributary of the Du Gué River, which itself is a tributary of the Mélèzes River that flows into the Koksoak River who then empties into the Ungava Bay. Isn’t that a nice family portrait? This long voyage from the mouth of the Delay River to the Koksoak estuary is approximately 300 km. After crossing many obstacles, the salmon who return to their spawning site have added several hundred kilometres to their path. When they overcome the long journey through the tributaries of the Mélèzes, they prove that they are the most strong, the most powerful. These events justify calling these salmon king of the waters, and the Delay holds the key to their beautiful landscapes.

An immense river may offer many more difficulties to sport fishermen. The river’s current can be swift and violent and its width allows salmon to advance. Although the river reaches spectacular dimensions, anglers take pleasure in wade fishing since many areas of the river permit a more familiar approach. The wade fisherman takes such great pleasure that he feels a well being not comparable to that of a southern Quebec river.On average, captured salmon weigh between ten to twelve pounds or five to six kilograms.

At any given time, out of nowhere, a single caribou or a little herd who, before crossing the river, will become a silent witness of an angler’s achievement. The richness of the wild surroundings make the region the most unique and unforgettable of all experiences. The river offers the same characteristics, except its proportion, as those of the salmon rivers located on the northern coast of the Gaspé Peninsula.

A phenomenon belonging to the Koksoak river, and whose effects benefit the Delay River, is the large number of estuary salmon that are found. Estuary salmon are salmon who take short migrations between the Koksoak river and its tributaries for reproduction, and from the estuary of the river to the Ungava Bay for nourishment. These salmon never reach the high seas. Of course, there are those who pass the estuary and the Ungava Bay to get to the great Atlantic pastures. In consequence, salmon of the Delay river are rare marvels who fill anglers with wonder because of their fighting spirit. Only one outfitter, located at the junction of the Delay River and Maricourt River, offers salmon fishing on the Delay river.While fly fishing, an angler may enjoy wet flies, such as Streamers: Mickey Finn, Magog Smelt, Grey Ghost, Black Nose Dace or Black Ghost.

As for more traditional flies, there are the Rusty and Silver Rat series, the Black Bear Green Butt, the very popular Muddler and of course the Green Highlander. While dry flies include the Bird and Bomber series.


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