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Saint-Jean-Saguenay River

Saint-Jean-Saguenay River

Salmon management on the Saint-Jean dates back over 150 years. In 1986, an incident related to the management of the power plant built in 1957 by Coopérative de L'Anse-Saint-Jean raised the level of the river, then left it almost totally dry. The event prompted the community to mobilize and work together to protect and promote the salmon fishery. The creation of Société de développement de la rivière Saint-Jean was a direct consequence of this movement. In 1994, management of the resource was entrusted to Corporation de gestion de la rivière Saint-Jean-Saguenay (CGRSS).

A summary

37 km, of which 10 km are open to fishing
Sectors and pools
52 pools in limited-access and open-access sectors
Type of fishing
Salmon and sea trout, wade fishing
Fishing season
June 15 to September 15
Daily limit per angler
2 small salmon (under 63 centimetres) and 5 sea trout


Corporation de gestion de la rivière Saint-Jean-Saguenay

Contact information

17 Rue Saint-Jean-Baptiste L'Anse-Saint-Jean (Québec) G0V 1J0
(418) 272-2199
(418) 272-1023

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Salmon Fishing on the Saint-Jean-du-Saguenay River

The Saint-Jean-du-Saguenay River takes its source in Brébeuf Lake, in the heart of the Laurentians, and flows 37.7 kilometres before emptying into the Saguenay Fjord at the picturesque village of L’Anse-Saint-Jean. Anglers will enjoy the strong current, which flows at 16 cubic metres per second on average and reaches up to 200 during peak flow, creating the rapids and eddies that characterize the river’s trajectory. Only 10.5 kilometres are open for salmon and sea trout fishing (wade fishing).

The history of sport salmon fishing on the Saint-Jean-du-Saguenay dates back over a century to when Sir William Price opened a private club. In 1986, an incident related to the management of the power plant built in 1957 left the river almost completely dry, prompting the community to mobilize to protect the salmon. Corporation de gestion rivière Saint-Jean-du-Saguenay was created in 1994 to manage the salmon fishing zec (controlled harvesting zone). In 1996, the Saguenay flood destroyed various facilities and damaged a number of fishing pools, which required major restoration work.

With its stone and pebble bottom and brownish water, the Saint-Jean-du-Saguenay offers 5 sectors, 2 with limited access (15 pools) and 2 with open access (31 pools) for salmon and sea trout fishing, plus sector 5 for brook trout fishing (6 pools). A number of interpretive panels on salmon can be found along the banks of the river.

In addition to Atlantic salmon, the Saint-Jean-du-Saguenay River is also home to sea trout.



  • Annual statistics are provided by the Government of Quebec.