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Cap-Chat River


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Cap-Chat River

The Cap-Chat headwaters are found in the heart of the famous Chic-Choc Mountains. This breathtaking river flows over a 57.5-kilometer distance down into the St. Lawrence River, and its gin-clear waters are known to be the home of very large salmon. Given the relatively small size of this beautiful river, canoes may only be used as a means of transportation on the Cap-Chat. Thus, only wade fishing is permitted on this river.

Salmon anglers have been drawn to the Cap-Chat River for more than 75 years. Former U.S. President John F. Kennedy is said to have made several trips to these waters in the past. By 1966, the Cap-Chat became an official fishing and wildlife reserve. Between 1984 and 1989, fishing was forbidden on the Cap-Chat in order to protect the salmon resource. Stocking and counting efforts later ensued, and a new development plan based on catch and release was adopted in 1990.

Today, this little gem of a river provides anglers with more than 50 pools to explore divided into three sectors. Two of these welcome salmon anglers—one with public and one with limited access—while the third sector is reserved for sea trout fishing. The Société de gestion de la rivière Cap-Chat, which is the body in charge of managing the river, is now recognized as a ZEC.


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River manager

Société de gestion de la rivière Cap-Chat

Online services

57.5 km

Types of fishing

Wade fishing

Fishing season

June 15th to September 30th

Pools and Sectors

53 pools spread out over 2 limited access sectors and 1 public access sector

Daily catch limit per angler

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