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Cascapedia River



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Cascapedia River

The Cascapedia River, also known as the Grand Cascapedia, to differentiate it from the Petite Cascapedia, rises in the heart of the Chics-Chocs and runs north-south through the middle of the Gaspé Peninsula before flowing into the Baie des Chaleurs. This monumental river flows for 139 kilometers in total, at an average rate of 50 cubic meters per second, through gorgeous landscapes that have inspired many paintings. The “Grand”, although clear, has a slight tea color compared to neighboring rivers, and becomes much dirtier after a rise. The Cascapedia has been world-famous for more than a century and a half because of the size of its fish, which weigh close to 20 lb on average. The biggest salmon ever recorded on the Cascapedia was caught in 1886 and weighed more than 52 lbs.

You can learn all about the history of this legendary river at the Cascapedia River Museum in Cascapedia Saint-Jules. While the Cascapedia River Society has been managing the river since 1981 under the status of a wildlife reserve, the Mi’kmaq community owns exclusive rights to the river’s first 18 kilometers from the mouth. Furthermore, the Cascapedia River fishery is jointly managed by the different private camps so as to preserve the substantial economic benefits generated by the fishery. This partnership has proven to be a viable model for combining public and private management.







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118 km open to fishing (18 km are private)

Types of fishing

Canoe fishing with a guide in 4 sectors

Fishing season

June 1st to September 30th

Pools and Sectors

107 pools spread out over 7 sectors

Daily catch limit per angler

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