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Causapscal River

The largest salmon in Quebec!


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Causapscal River

Stretching some 61 kilometers in total, the Causapscal River rises from Lake Causapscal and winds down across the Matapedia Valley until it reaches the Matapedia River in the town of Causapscal. The Causapscal is home to some of the largest salmon in Quebec.

Salmon sport fishing on this river was greatly influenced by two men in particular: a Scotsman named George Stephen, who became Lord Mount Stephen in 1891, and a Quebecker named Richard Nelson Adams. Stephen was a co-founder of the Canadian Pacific Railway who used to lease the Matapedia and Causapscal River waters, and Richard Adams was a guide who earned a worldwide reputation on these rivers in the 20th century. The Corporation de gestion des rivières Matapédia et Patapédia, which has been managing sport fishing on the Causapscal since 1992, created the Richard Adams Foundation, which works for scientific research on salmon and the protection of the species in the region.

Every year, beginning in late May, between 450 and 600 salmon make their way up the Causapscal River. The Causapscal is divided into two limited access sectors for a total of 25 pools spread over 31 kilometers. Access rights are limited to 4 anglers per day per sector, and fishing is usually done using a canoe. You are only required to fish with a guide in sector 2. The water is brown and may become darker after a heavy rainfall. Large rocks make up the river bottom, and the flow changes from fast in the spring to moderate in the summer.

Well known for its large salmon, this marvelous river also stands out for its peacefulness and beautiful scenery. Note: The Matamajaw museum in the town of Causapscal, a former fishing camp, is one of the only museums in Quebec dedicated to salmon fishing.


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River manager

Corporation de gestion des rivières Matapédia et Patapédia (CGRMP)

Online services

31 km open to fishing

Types of fishing

Wade fishing or Canoe fishing

Fishing season

May 15th to July 15th

Pools and Sectors

25 pools spread out over 2 limited access sectors

Daily catch limit per angler

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