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Madeleine River

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Madeleine River

The Madeleine River is 150 kilometers long and has its source at the foot of Mount Jacques-Cartier. It flows from the southwest to the northeast before looping back around southward and finally emptying into the St. Lawrence River in the village of Rivière-Madeleine, halfway between Gaspé and Sainte-Anne-des-Monts.

The first seigneury on the Madeleine River was established as early as 1679. In the 20th century, the property was owned by different logging companies and businessmen, who took up recreational angling on the Madeleine themselves. In 1968, the Quebec government built a fishway to allow salmon to swim further upstream, past the 25 meter-high “Grand Falls”. Since the 1990s and until the end of the decade, this 140-metre-long tunnel, which is the only one of its kind in the world, combined with intensive stocking efforts, have allowed the salmon population to triple its numbers.

Today, the fishery is managed by the Société de gestion de la rivière Madeleine, which holds the status of a salmon ZEC (controlled harvesting zone). On this river, you will find incredibly clear water on a bed of multicolored gravel, pebbles and cobblestones. The river is divided into 4 limited access sectors and 2 public access sectors, for a total of 76 easily accessible pools. You can wade fish for salmon on 80% of the pools.









150 km

Types of fishing

Wade fishing or Canoe fishing

Fishing season

July 1st to September 30th

Pools and Sectors

74 pools spread out over 4 limited access sectors and 2 public access sectors

Daily catch limit per angler

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