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Matane River

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Matane River

The Matane River flows out through the town of Matane into the St. Lawrence along the northern shore of the Gaspé Peninsula. The river rises in Lake Matane and runs for a total of 80 kilometers. The headwaters and much of the upper part of the river are located in the Matane Wildlife Reserve. Given that so many anglers have been honing their skill on the Matane over the years, this river is considered as the “school of salmon fishing” in Quebec.

A long time ago, the Matane River only served as a waterway for First Nations people, but in the 19th century, it became a major log driving route, and several dams were built. In 1879, Colonel Irwing founded the Matane Salmon Club, thereby making him a pioneer in the sport of salmon fishing. In the 1930s, following the near extinction of the salmon population on the Matane, the provincial government set measures and established regulations in order to protect the species. Today the Matane River is managed by the Société de gestion de la rivière Matane. There are 80 pools spread out along the entire length of the river and together they provide easy access to a great number of salmon.

Anglers love the Matane because of its convenient access to the water, and because of the Mathieu D’Amours Dam located in the heart of town, where we can see every fish that returns to the river.


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80 km

Types of fishing

Wade fishing

Fishing season

June 15th to September 30th

Pools and Sectors

80 pools spread out over 4 limited access sectors and 4 public access sectors

Daily catch limit per angler

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