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Mitis and Mistigougeche Rivers

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The Mitis and Mistigougèche Rivers are located at the heart of the Mitis River Zec territory. You can access them by following du Portage Road located in the municipality of Sainte-Angèle-de-Mérici. Furthermore, the Mistigougèche River is also accessible through the municipality of Les Hauteurs when you follow the Mistigougèche River Road.

In 1886, George Stephen (Lord Mount Stephen), cofounder of the Canadian Pacific, built the first fishing lodge that his niece Elsie Reford later transformed into the renown Métis Gardens.  Salmon were thus limited to 4 kilometers with a drop of 35 meters.  The species was also affected by timber rafting, which ended in 1979, and two hydro-electric dams that were luckily equipped with a system to facilitate salmon runs in 1964, adding 40 kilometers to their territory in the Mitis River.


The Mitis River runs 51 kilometers toward the North, from Mitis Lake all the way to the Saint-Lawrence River where it flows right in front of Sainte-Flavie, approximately 32 kilometers East of Rimouski. Salmon frequent this area along 46 kilometers until they reach an insurmountable 12-meter-high waterfall located near Mitis Lake. This sinuous river, characterized by slightly colourful water, is easily accessible by well-maintained trails a few steps away from du Portage Road. The Mitis River contains 33 pools split into two designated sectors (II & III) and one limited access sectors (III-B). (Click here to view the map)


The Mistigougèche River is one of the largest tributary streams of the Mitis River. It runs 70 kilometers long before flowing into the Mitis River. Salmon can swim along 26 kilometers of the river until they reach the foot of the dike on Eaux-Mortes Lake. The confluence of the Mistigougèche River and the Mitis River is 25 kilometers away from the Saint-Lawrence River. Its dark waters flow in a unique setting, highlighted by a rugged and mountainous landscape, entirely different from the Mitis River. Although it runs through a quiet, rarely frequented area, it is easily accessible thanks to well-maintained trails and offers a unique experience with nature. The Mistigougèche River counts 6 pools within a 10-kilometer section of the limited access sector (IV). (Click here to view the map)


The territory is located in the Lower Saint-Lawrence, Mitis RCM, approximately:

  • 584 kilometers from Montreal
  • 356 kilometers from Québec
  • 351 kilometers from Gaspé
  • 476 kilometers from Moncton

Among the 1 200 salmon that travel across the territory’s rivers each year, over half of them are grilse. They are captured downstream from the hydroelectric plant Mitis 2, less than 2 kilometers from the mouth of the Mitis River, and transported in a truck 10 kilometers away, where they are released in Sainte-Angèle-de-Mérici to continue their migration.

An accurate count of salmon in the Mitis River is performed since 1965, the year the first system was put into effect to capture salmon in the Mitis River. This initiative had a lasting effect on salmon populations: spawning grounds went from covering 2 kilometers to stretching over 70 kilometers of the river!

Since it was founded in 1993, the Mitis River Zec has valued the sustainable development in a respectful manner of the priceless resource that is Atlantic salmon. A devoted organization, recent investments, conveniently located amenities, peacefulness, landscapes filled with valleys and waterfalls, experience all the Mitis River Zec has to offer! For more information, visit our Facebook page, Instagram account, or website.


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River manager

Corporation de gestion de la pêche sportive de la rivière Mitis (Zec Rivière Mitis)


46 km | 10 km

Types of fishing

Wade fishing

Fishing season

June 15th to September 30th

Pools and Sectors

33 pools in 3 different sectors, including 1 limited access sector | 6 pools within 1 limited access sector

Daily catch limit per angler

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