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Sainte-Anne River

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In brief

Sainte-Anne River

The 70-kilometre-long Rivière Sainte-Anne flows north from Lac Sainte-Anne to the St-Laurent at Sainte-Anne-des-Monts. It flows between Quebec's highest peaks, the Chics-Chocs, and through the Parc national de la Gaspésie, one of whose objectives is to protect the Sainte-Anne salmon. This geographic location generates exceptionally clear, fresh water and, for a large part of the river, an imposing, perfectly tranquil mountain landscape in the heart of an unspoilt forest.

Since 1993, the river has been part of a wildlife reserve managed from a sustainable development perspective by a company called Destination Chic-Chocs.

The salmon of the Sainte-Anne River shine brightly and are very combative. They can be found all the way to the Sainte-Anne Falls, 50 kilometers upstream. Easily accessible from one end to the other, the river has 64 pools in 3 sectors, all with restricted draw access. What's more, on one of the three sectors, salmon anglers can take advantage of a guided canoe fishing package, including accommodation.

The pools are easy to identify, as the water is usually clear. The most downstream pools are mostly on coarse gravel beds, while those upstream contain large boulders. Brook trout frequent these crystal-clear waters. For all its qualities, the Rivière Sainte-Anne is a favorite with anglers.

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The annual draw for the Sainte-Anne River takes place on November 1.

For the downstream sector, 60% of the rods will be dedicated to the winners of the annual draw, while the remaining 40% will be made available within 48 hour draws. Winners will be able to reserve a maximum of 3 fishing days for 1 or 2 people per day.

For the upstream sector, all the rods will be dedicated to the winners of the annual draw. Winners may reserve a maximum of 2 fishing days.

For the canoe sector, all rods will be dedicated to the winners of the annual draw. Winners may reserve a maximum of 4 fishing days.

Residual poles will go on sale on December 1 at 9 a.m., using the answering machine to determine the order of call. Everyone who leaves a message will be called back, regardless of whether or not there are any remaining perch.


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49 kilometers open for fishing

Type of fishing possible

Wading in 2 sectors and in a canot with a guide in 1 sector

Fishing season

June 15 to September 30

Sectors and pools

64 pools in 3 fishing sectors, all with restricted access (downstream wading, upstream wading, guides and canoe)

Daily catch limit per angler

Gaspé peninsula

Carte - Gaspé peninsula

Access to the region

The Gaspé peninsula begins at Sainte-Flavie, where Route 132 splits in two to form a loop of some 844 kilometers around the peninsula, known as the "Tour de la Gaspésie". It's at this municipality that you can choose between the southern and northern itineraries. The region is also accessible by bus, train, ferry and air. Air transport is available via the Gaspé, Bonaventure and Mont-Joli airports.

A fishing paradise

Criss-crossing immense valleys, the 22 salmon rivers of the Gaspé Peninsula are renowned for their crystal-clear waters of a thousand shades of turquoise or emerald, flowing over stony beds. While most of these rivers run north-south or south-north, winding their way through the ancient Appalachian massif of the Chics-Chocs mountains, they all flow through a varied and rich wilderness, thanks to the diversity of their microclimates.

These superb rivers, which welcome both experts and novices to salmon fishing, are easily accessible. What's more, these rivers almost always end up in or next to a small, picturesque coastal municipality.

Because the waters of these rivers come from unspoiled nature, they are of impeccable purity and among the clearest in the world. These qualities, combined with the beauty of the environment and the warm welcome of the Gaspesians, have given the region a worldwide reputation as a fishing paradise.

Image | Gaspé peninsula
Image | Gaspé peninsula
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