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3 Pabos rivers


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The 3 Pabos Rivers

The name Pabos comes from the Native American word “Pabog”, meaning “calm waters”. The Petit Pabos, the Grand Pabos Nord and the Grand Pabos West, all meander down from the high plateaux regions of Gaspésie. The 3 Pabos flow through pristine wilderness and into the Gulf of St. Lawrence between the small towns of Grande-Rivière and Pabos. Together they combine for some 140 kilometers, 50 of which are open for salmon fishing. These gorgeous rivers share a common history of successful conservation efforts aimed at preserving and restoring the Atlantic salmon population. The 3 Pabos Rivers have some of the freshest and clearest waters anywhere in Quebec.

Throughout centuries, the Pabos rivers have provided for many generations of Native people, and later became grounds for an important commercial fishery. But there is also a rich history of salmon fishing on these rivers, back when return numbers were well into the thousands. Unfortunately, the species almost disappeared completely by the end of the 20th century. This led to the closing of the Pabos Rivers fishery in 1984. It took years of hard work to help restore the salmon population, efforts that were backed by the salmon economic development plan, the community, and the Regroupement pour la restauration des trois rivières Pabos. As a result, the three Pabos Rivers are home to salmon weighing up to more than 30 pounds again.

The 3 Pabos Rivers have a total of 11 fishing sectors between them, 5 of which have limited access. All 91 pools are accessible via hiking trails. Besides Atlantic salmon, the Pabos Rivers are home to a good number of sea-run brook trout in the 3 lbs to 6 lbs range.


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50 km open to fishing, Grand Pabos Nord (20 km), Grand Pabos Ouest (10 km) and Petit Pabos (20 km)

Types of fishing

Mostly Wade fishing

Fishing season

June 15th to September 30th

Pools and Sectors

91 pools spread out over 11 sectors: Petit Pabos (3 limited access sectors and 4 public access sectors), Grand Pabos (1 limited access sector and 1 public access sector), and Grand Pabos Nord (1 limited access sector and 1 public access sector)

Daily catch limit per angler

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