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Access rights and draws

Access rights and draws

Sectors Number of anglers Resident(s) Non-resident(s)
D01 unlimited 35,64$ 35,64$
D02 (zone A) 5 83,35$ 83,35$
D02 (zone B) 6 59,50$ 59,50$
D05 ZEC des Martes unlimited 35,64$ 35,64$
D06 Parc des hautes-Gorge 6 117,27$ 117,27$
Rates with taxes, subject to change without notice

Membership card

The purchase of the membership card is optional ($ 11.50 including tax).


  • Individual ($ 258.40)
  • Family  ($ 342,05)
  • Student ($ 66,11)

Buying access rights

The users of the Malbaie River can buy their access rights at the corporation of the Malbaie River.


Below regulations for the draws of The Corporation Malbaie Salmon River.

General regulations

  • One participation only. A person can not particpate more than once, the person may be registered as the main participant and also as a guest. 
  • Registering to a draw costs $ 5 dollars
  • The participant must clearly and correctly complete a single form per draw, taking care to not forget any information, otherwise the card will be automatically rejected, without refund. The staff does not fill in the participation form. 
  • The draw takes place two days before the fishing trip (48 hours), at the office of the association.
  • Winners may book a maximum of 2 rods per day, depending on availability. Transfering a reservation is not permitted.
  • Winners have until 12:00 (noon), the day follwing the draw to pay their access rights, otherwise the access rights will be granted to the next person listed by winners' order.

How to subscribe to this draw

Winners list

  • Entrants are responsible for checking the list of winners.
  • The winners list is available at the association office.


Draw rules are the responsibility of the corporation in charge of fishing management and are subject to change at any time.

General regulations

  • Maximum 10 entries per participant per draw
  • Each participation costs 7.00$
  • The participant must clearly and correctly complete a single form per draw, taking care to not forget any information, otherwise the card will be automatically rejected, without refund. The staff does not fill in the participation form.
  • The participation form must be received by mail or fax no later than October 31, 16: 00.
  • Photocopies of the participation form are accepted as long as it respects the size of the original form.

How to subscribe to this draw

Winners list

  • The draw takes place at 11 am at the office of the Corporation or at any other place determined by the Board of Directors of the Corporation.
  • The name of an individual can not appears more than once on the winner list.
  • It is in the participant's responsability to consult the winners list.
  • The list of winners is available at the river operator's office.



  • The winner may reserve to a maximum of  two (2) fishing days , two (2) rodes per day, consecutive or not.
  • Telephone calls to the winners:
    • if the line is busy, the participant loses his turn, and the next participant is called, then the previous participant is called again. If the line is busy again, the same procedure applies until the line is free.
    • During the reservation process, if the winner can’t be reached by phone and that the reservation is not made by the designated person in replacement, the registration is maintained. The Monday following the booking process, a letter is sent to the participant stating that he has 15 days to make a choice among the remaining places.
  • The holder of a pre-season reservation can not transfer his reservation to a third party.
  • The reservation will be canceled:
    • If the deadline for payment of 30% is not respected
    • If the deadline for payment of 70% is not respected



  • The guest can obtain his access right only if the holder of the reservation has first obtaining his.



October 31st Registration deadline for the draw on October 31 at 12:00 (note the postal delay).
November 1st Preseason draw fates 77 winners in Sectors A and B and 140 winners in the SÉPAQ sector 11:00.
First week of November
A confirmation by either email or in writing is sent to each winner stating and dates of telephone call.
Third week of November
The winners are being called for the selection of fishing days.
Dcember 15th* Deadline for payment of the first 30% of the cost of bookings made during the draw preseason (non-refundable).
8 janvier*
Telephone reservations for remaining availabilities after the pre-season draw :
Between 9:00 and 10:00 Reserved for non-winning participants of the November 1st draw .
From 10:00 until 16:00 , open to everyone.
February 1st *
Deadline for 30% payment of the bookings Jan. 8 ( non- refundable).
April 1st Deadline for the 70 % payment of the bookings to pre-season draws of November 1st and January 8th. The reservation will be canceled if the deadlines for payments are not met.
*Dates indicated: these can vary from year to year .



  • Draw sector
    • A and B  D02 (zone A) : 2 rods/day
    • D02 (zone B) : 4 rods/day
    • Fishing period: 93 days (from June 15th to September 15th)
    • Total : 558 fishing days
  • Draw sector
    • SÉPAQ  Sector SÉPAQ : 4 rods/day
    • Fishing period: 77 days (from July 15th to September 15th)
    • Total : 308 fishing days


Note: The draws regulations are the responsibility of the corporation operating the river. They can be modified at any time.