Salmon fishing in the

Lower St.Lawrence

Carte - Lower St.Lawrence

Getting there

You can get to the Lower St. Lawrence via several major highways, including Highway 20 and national highways 132, 185 and 232. There are also ferry routes between towns on the North Shore and the South Shore of the St. Lawrence River. Lastly, you can make it to the Lower St. Lawrence region by flying from any major center in Quebec to the Mont-Joli airport, as well as by bus, or by train.

Priceless waters

Welcome to the Lower St. Lawrence, located east of Quebec City on the south shore of the St. Lawrence River. Here there are three rivers located near the town of Rimouski, flowing through gorgeous rural and forest landscapes, marked by their tea-colored waters and steep gradients.

While each of these salmon rivers has its own distinctive traits, what they have in common is their accessibility, as they are located in an area that is well served by the road network and close to popular tourist destinations. This means that you will be able to take on the challenge of catching a salmon in magnificent surroundings, and then easily return to the nearby town. The rivers of the Lower St. Lawrence have red and brown earthy tones, on which reflects the deep green of the surrounding trees. In many places, the water may become perfectly transparent as well. Because of the differences in elevation, these rivers have a contrasting, steep and attractive profile. Falls, rapids and deeper areas intersperse to test the tremendous vitality of the salmon. Plenty of pools spread along well-maintained trails offer great fishing opportunities for the enjoyment of all anglers.

Image | Lower St.Lawrence
Image | Lower St.Lawrence