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Lower St.Lawrence

Carte - Lower St.Lawrence

Access to the region

The Bas-Saint-Laurent region is accessible via several major highways, including Highway 20 and routes 132, 185 and 232. Ferry services are also available between municipalities on the North Shore and the south shore of the St-Laurent. Finally, the Bas-Saint-Laurent region can be reached by bus and train from many of Quebec's major centers, as far as the Mont-Joli airport.

Waters of priceless beauty

Three easily accessible, tea-colored rivers, always close to a municipality, flow through splendid rural or forested landscapes, with steep gradients. Welcome to the Bas-Saint-Laurent, east of Quebec City, on the south shore of the St-Laurent.

While each of these salmon rivers has its own characteristics, what they have in common is their accessibility, since they are located in an area well served by the road network and close to well-known tourist destinations. So you can measure yourself against the salmon in superb surroundings, then head back to your town or village with ease. The water in the rivers of the Bas-Saint-Laurent region has a reddish-brown earthy sheen, with the deep green of the conifers shimmering on top, while in many places it is crystal-clear. Because of the gradients, these rivers have a contrasting, steep and attractive profile. Waterfalls, rapids and deeper areas alternate to test the salmon's powerful vitality. Numerous pools, dotted along well-maintained trails, offer fine fishing grounds for anglers to enjoy.

Image | Lower St.Lawrence
Image | Lower St.Lawrence