Fishing on the

Aguanish River


Aguanish River

The Aguanish River stretches for more than 280 kilometers and flows into the Gulf of St. Lawrence near the town of Aguanish, 25 kilometers west of Natashquan.

The river is characterized by a unique natural phenomenon called the “saw kerf”. Eight meters wide, salmon have to swim past this deep canyon interspersed with multiple cascades and steep waterfalls to make it further up river. Its course is also defined by large cavities referred to as “giant pots”, that have been shaped in the pink granite by the strong currents.

The impetuous waters of the Aguanish hold brook trout, landlocked salmon and pike. Anglers will be able to see some of the region’s typical terrestrial wildlife as well.

Sport fishing on the Aguanish River has been open since 1988. An exclusive 4 km section running between the saw kerf and the mouth of the river belongs to the Innu community of Nutashkuan, in a partnership with the Association Chasse et Pêche d’Aguanish. Anglers have a total of 9 pools to choose from: 6 located below the first waterfall and 3 located above the second waterfall. Most of the salmon caught here weigh between 8 and 12 lbs.

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