Fishing on the

Chaloupe River


Chaloupe River

This 46-kilometer-long river flows down to the southeast coast of Anticosti Island in a single main stem. This unassuming river, along with the Rivière aux Saumons, provides 20% of all potential habitat for adult Anticosti Island salmon. Approximately 13% of the salmon population is found in this river, making it the second most important river for Atlantic salmon fishing on the Island.

A mixture of small limestone pebbles and fossil stones make up the river bed. Like other Anticosti rivers, it has a highly fluctuating flow rate. Hundreds of salmon sometimes wait at the mouth of the river when precipitations are insufficient before their return; an unforgettable sight nonetheless when admiring the sun setting on the horizon.

The river has 28 remarkably clear pools throughout its course. The salmon caught here weigh an average of 9 lbs to 13 lbs. The fishing rights on the Chaloupe River are shared by two outfitters, who also fish for brook trout. One of the two outfitters, called Safari Anticosti, fishes up to 13 pools spread out over a 20-kilometer distance.


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