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Coxipi River


Coxipi River

The 108 kilometer-long Coxipi River drains a 1,600-square-kilometer watershed through the heart of the Canadian Shield. Fed by Lake Poincarré, the river widens into a larger, elongated body of water known as Lake Coxipi, then flows for 55 kilometers down towards the ocean. The river finally empties into the Gulf of St. Lawrence some 15 kilometers outside Saint-Augustin.

The river is surrounded by wild softwood forests, lending beauty and color to the natural environment. Several large mammals inhabit these woods, including black bear, moose, woodland caribou, wolf, lynx, beaver and porcupine. Mink, hare and red fox are among the smaller mammals found in this pristine wilderness.

Turbulent yet beautiful, the Coxipi River meets the ocean after going down a long section of rapids, interspersed with several pools. The salmon can migrate up its course for about thirty kilometers. Brook trout are also found swimming in the river. The Pourvoirie Saint-Augustin offers outfitting services on a 13-kilometer stretch of the river. You can get to this destination by float plane or by boat.



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