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Ferrée River


Ferrée River

The Ferrée River flows southward down Anticosti Island for 26 kilometers, draining a watershed of approximately 150 square kilometers. It is the river with the fewest salmon anglers on the Island.

A river of stark contrast—the upper reaches are defined by an astonishingly rugged terrain, while the lower part of the river flows calmly towards the ocean. The area around this smooth piece of water closer to the mouth is ideal for seeing the Island’s coastal birdlife.

The Ferrée River has 20 salmon pools along its entire length, but only three of them are accessible to anglers. These pools are found on a 14 km stretch owned by Safari Anticosti, an outfitter with exclusive fishing rights on the river. Being so close to the Chaloupe River, the outfitter uses the Ferrée as a secondary river when there are too many people fishing on the Chaloupe. Fishing quotas on the Ferrée also have a lower limit than on the other rivers managed by Safari Anticosti.


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