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Gros Mécatina River


Gros Mécatina River

The Gros Mecatina River rises in Lake Boucher and flows southeast into the Gulf of St. Lawrence west of Mutton Bay. This 50 km long river is intersected by a number of lakes, giving it an ever-changing appearance as it winds its way through a diversity of landscapes and exceptional views. The hills directly inland from Mutton Bay village stand nearly 270 meters high. In fact, the word “mecatina” means “big mountain” in the Innu language.

Commercial fishing on the Gros Mecatina River began in 1749. Already at that time, the river was renowned for the number, quality and vigor of its brook trout and salmon. The fish, still plentiful and strong, make it up the river to a large waterfall found approximately 20 kilometers from the mouth.

Today, exclusive fishing rights are held by the Pourvoirie Mécatina from the mouth of the river all the way up to this unsurmountable obstacle. There are about twenty pools located within a very short distance of one another where you can easily wade fish standing on a comfortable river bottom. About 20% of the salmon caught on the Mécatina weigh over 6.5 pounds. The first fish are usually caught in early July, and the season can last until September. Here, fishermen can appreciate the peace and generosity of a place that is virtually frozen in time.



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