Fishing on the

Jupiter River


Jupiter River

The Jupiter River stands out as the premier salmon river on Anticosti Island. It has a 79-kilometer length fed by ten different tributaries and drains a large watershed of approximately 970 square kilometers in total. The river rises in the center of the Island from a series of lakes and ponds before plunging into a deep canyon measuring up to 100 meters high. The Jupiter has a moderate flow in the upper section and becomes faster downriver.

This world-class salmon river alone provides about 30% of the potential spawning and rearing habitat for Anticosti Island Atlantic salmon, and is home to nearly 30% of the total adult salmon population. Its turquoise waters have and still continue to attract many famous celebrities and anglers. One of the first sportsmen to fish here was the owner of the river at the time, a Frenchman named Henri Meunier, in 1895.

Out of the 70+ total number of pools along the Jupiter River, 30 of them are now open to anglers. The Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (Sépaq), which is the appointed river manager, offers anglers an exceptional outdoor playground. Fishing on the Jupiter is particularly mesmerizing, thanks to the crystal-clear water providing a spectacular view of the fish hovering over the river’s pebbly bottom.


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