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Kécarpoui River


Kécarpoui River

The Kécarpoui River, which means “porcupine river” in the Innu language, flows for 27 kilometers before emptying into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, to the west of Saint Augustin. The river drains a 676-square-kilometer total watershed through a majestic subarctic landscape.

A small paradise for wildlife, the many islands and islets located near the mouth of the river are ideal for seabird colonies and marine ecosystems. The terrestrial mammals most often found along the river are typical of the area; black bears, moose, woodland caribou, wolves, foxes, lynx, as well as smaller animals such as muskrat, minks, otters and porcupines.

Salmon travel roughly 19 kilometers up the Kécarpoui River, swimming over dark beds of stones and mid-sized boulders. They weigh 5 lbs to 10 lbs on average. Fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts will find service and accommodation in a non-exclusive outfitter nestled in a peaceful and grandiose setting.


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