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Kegaska River


Kegaska River

The mouth of the Kegaska River is located 6.5 kilometers from the village of Kegaska, about 30 kilometers east of Natashquan. The river flows through the hills and curves down the marshlands for a total distance of about 80 kilometers before emptying into the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The name Kegaska comes from the Innu word “quegasca” which refers to “a shortcut” or “an easy passage at high tide between the mainland and the islands”. The many coves and inlets around the mouth of the river, such as Kegaska Harbor, Kegaska Bay, and Oyster Cove, provide ideal conditions for salt marshes that are home to a rich diversity of wildlife. The area is renowned for its sandy beaches, and also because the site is popular for clam harvesting and birdwatching.

The Kegaska River provides prime habitat for salmon. Fish can migrate up to 100 kilometers up river, including its tributaries. The first 13 kilometers in the lower part of the river are open to sport fishing, where you can fish by boat or wade fish in four different tidal water pools. The average fish caught weighs between 5.5 lbs and 9 lbs. The upper section; the last 30 km section leading up to the headwaters in Kegaska Lake, is fished exclusively by the Leslie Foreman Fishing Club, which was founded in 1855 by a family who settled from Nova Scotia.


River manager

Club de pêche Leslie Foreman


13 km open to fishing

Types of fishing

Salmon fishing

Fishing season

June to mid-August

Pools and Sectors

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