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Little Watshishou River


Little Watshishou River

The Little Watshishou River rises in Lake Gallienne and flows nearly 70 kilometers down into the Gulf of St. Lawrence near the village of Baie-Johan-Beetz, draining a 400 square-kilometer watershed.

Like almost every river on the North Shore, its name comes from the Innu language. “Watshishou” means “white mountain” or “bright mountain”, and the word is likely a reference to the 45-meter-high granite landmark located near the mouth of the nearby Watshishou River.

The waters of the Little Watshishou River are ice-cold and often boisterous. Salmon make it as far as 21 kilometers swimming up the river, to where their path is obstructed by a waterfall. The Pourvoirie Baie-Johan-Beetz Outfitter offers incredible fishing for Atlantic salmon and landlocked salmon within a breathtaking environment featuring spectacular falls and rapids. The river has 7 definite pools, and can be fished from a boat or from the shore starting mid-June to the end of August.



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