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Moisie River

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Moisie River

The Moisie River rises in Lake Opocopa, Labrador, 520 meters above sea level. It flows southward for 410 kilometers through the giant landscapes of a deep and rugged valley covered with birch, aspen, and lush coniferous trees. It reaches the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the town of Moisie, located 26 kilometers east of Sept-Îles. The Moisie is an incredibly powerful river flowing at 490 cubic meters per second on average, marked by numerous waterfalls and hundreds of rapids, great pools and other areas where fish thrive. In fact, it is considered one of the best salmon rivers in eastern North America due to the fish’s large size, strength, and aggressiveness.

Sport fishing for Atlantic salmon on the Moisie dates back to 1858, in the days when the river belonged to wealthy Anglophones. Since 1987, the fishery has been jointly managed by the ZEC (Association de protection de la rivière Moisie) and five other outfitters. Fishing for salmon on the Moisie is only done using a motor boat, and you are allowed to troll in the ZEC sector.

The Moisie River ZEC controls the first 23 kilometers of the river, and provides anglers access to a campground. There are two public access sectors available (ZEC sectors 1 and 2) and one with limited access sector (Winthrop-Campbell).


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23 km open to fishing (ZEC)

Types of fishing

Canoe fishing

Fishing season

May 2nd to mid-July

Pools and Sectors

33 pools spread out over 1 public access sector (Zec sector 2) and 1 limited access sector (Winthrop-Campbell). Another public access sector offers 3 pools (Zec sector 1) for trolling

Daily catch limit per angler

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