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Musquanousse River


Musquanousse River

The Musquanousse River, also known as the “Little Musquaro River”, flows through a network of different lakes and streams, greatly increasing the size of the water system over its length. Stretching only 28 kilometers from its source, the river actually provides 60 kilometers of freshwater for aquatic wildlife, before entering the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Along with its tributaries, the river drains a total watershed of 338 square kilometers.

This series of interconnected lakes is home to several species of salmonids in addition to Atlantic salmon, such as anadromous brook trout, speckled trout and landlocked salmon. These wild, remote, and peaceful waters are visited by geese, ducks, and bald eagles. Moose, bears, and wolves are also seen in the surrounding mountainous landscape.

To varying degrees, salmon can make it in and past all lakes along the Musquanousse River system. Some fish may even travel as far as the head-water lake. The Pourvoirie Musquanousse outfitter holds exclusive fishing rights on all the lakes and the entire river, as well as on the estuary. Here, you can fish for salmon in 9 pools, by boat or wading in the river.



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