Fishing on the

Napetipi River


Napetipi River

The Napetipi River empties into the Gulf of St. Lawrence some 35 kilometers outside the village of Saint-Augustin, after flowing 113 kilometers through steep rocky cliffs in the Canadian Shield. The river widens on two occasions along its course to form Lake Jamyn (or Napetipiu Nipi) and, about 12 kilometers from the mouth, Lake Napetipi.

This remote piece of water is a salmon fishing paradise. The cold waters of the Napetipi make for particularly energetic species of fish, and to the delight of all anglers, there are great anadromous brook trout and brown trout fishing opportunities in addition to Atlantic salmon in the area. Several large mammals inhabit the backcountry, such as black bears, moose and wolves, and other animals that have long been coveted for their fur, such as American mink and red fox.

At Napetipi River Outfitters, anglers and nature lovers live wonderful and unique experiences in the heart of an unspoiled natural environment blessed with some of the most breathtaking sunsets you will ever witness. Its facilities are located on the shores of Lake Pareme, northwest of Lake Napetipi. Three non-exclusive salmon fishing sectors are located in the area, which is only designated for sport. The outfitter advocates catch and release of all salmon.


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