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Saint-Paul River


Saint-Paul River

The Saint-Paul River, also known as Eskimo River, flows into Eskimo Bay near the village of Rivière Saint-Paul, roughly 60 kilometers west of Blanc-Sablon. The river’s headwaters are located in Labrador, 160 kilometers from the ocean. The Saint-Paul River has a total watershed of more than 7,000 square kilometers.

From the mouth up, returning salmon can hold in countless different areas throughout this massive river. The run usually occurs from mid-June to the end of August. These clear and cold waters flowing over medium-sized boulders provide ideal conditions for Atlantic salmon. Several other species inhabit the mouth of the Saint-Paul, such as the American eel, anadromous brook trout and rainbow smelt. More than a fishing paradise, the Saint-Paul River is also a rare jewel of great natural beauty.

There are two outfitters who share the management of the salmon fishery on this river. The Club de pêche au saumon de Saint-Paul Inc. holds exclusive rights in the upper part, some 60 kilometers before the headwaters, in a sector marked by plenty of islands and rapids. The river is wade fish only. In the lower part of the river, Green Point Outfitters holds exclusive rights to a 17-kilometer stretch of water near the impressive Green Point Falls. Fishing takes place in four sectors totaling 18 pools.



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