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Washicoutai River


Washicoutai River

The Washicoutai River runs 103 kilometers long and flows into the Gulf of St. Lawrence 13 kilometers from the village of La Romaine. Wider at its mouth and narrowing several times along its course, the Washicoutai River is made up from a series of large lakes, some of which measure up to 30 meters in depth. It drains a total watershed of more than 1,500 square kilometers. The estuary is dotted with small islands, providing habitat to a wide variety of wild seabirds.

Like many other North Shore rivers, the Washicoutai River is barred by an impressive waterfall in its lower section. Its name means “overlooking the bay” in the Innu language, referring to the watercourse’s sudden drop in elevation.

Salmon sport fishing takes place on a 4 km section managed by the Pourvoirie de la Rivière Washicoutai, which holds exclusive fishing rights on the river. Here you can wade or fish from a boat for salmon weighing up to 11 lbs on average, as well as arctic char, speckled trout, landlocked salmon and anadromous brook trout. While fishing in this pristine wilderness, you will also be treated to the sights of typical wildlife found in the region, such as bears, wolves and moose.


River manager

Pourvoirie de la Rivière Washicoutai


103 km with some kilometers open to fishing

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Wade fishing or Canoe fishing

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