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Laval River

Some of the largest fish in Quebec!


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Laval River

Rising out of Lake Laval, an impressive 656-hectare body of water, it runs 42 kilometers in a north-south direction through a steeply cut valley and into the St. Lawrence River, just east of Forestville. The average weight of the fish caught on the Laval is almost double that of those usually caught in other North Shore rivers.

Salmon fishing rights on the Laval River were owned for a long time by the Anglo Canadian Pulp and Paper Mills company, before the Quebec government declared the river a wildlife reserve. Since 1980, the Forestville Hunting and Fishing Association has managed the Laval River controlled harvesting zone (ZEC). The Laval River has both slow and fast waters that significantly changes in level and color after receiving rainfall. The riverbed is rather dark, meaning that the water is not quite so transparent and that some pools are downright black.

The Laval River has 6 sectors, only one of which has restricted access, for a total of 67 salmon pools and 45 sea trout pools, a species also found in great numbers and in much larger than average size. You will also be able to fish (fly-fishing only) for trophy pike in the Lac à Jacques. This is a lake that stands out because of its impressive size and its central location along the middle of the Laval River.


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River manager

Association de chasse et pêche de Forestville


42 km open to fishing

Types of fishing

Wade fishing or Canoe fishng

Fishing season

June 1st to August 15th (salmon fishing) and August 16th to October 15th (sea trout fishing)

Pools and Sectors

67 salmon pools spread out over 1 limited access sector and 3 public access sectors - 45 trout pools spread out over 2 public access sectors

Daily catch limit per angler

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